Muffins. And Recitals. In the Opposite Order.

Dear Millie,

Both those recipes are fantastic!  The roasted cauliflower is one of my favorite recipes ever in the history of the world (and you know how much food means to me)!  The Man Salad.  I am not big on salad to begin with, so the fact that I even HAD the recipe to begin with says something!  It’s called Man Salad because men actually like it.  Abe proves it yet again!  I got the recipe from our sister-in-law.  She’s the sister who CAN!

Kyle, Paul, and Truman had their first piano recital this weekend.  As I was waiting for it to start, I realized that I could FaceTime Mumsie and Pops and they could watch it with us!  I quickly called and they were available, so being the doting grandparents they are, they sat through lots of beginning piano songs (including “Myrtle the Turtle” and “The Funny Bunny”)…you know, since they didn’t get enough of that with all of us kids.  I was very proud of how well the boys (and grandparents) did.  Because I was using my phone to FaceTime and Gordon was wrangling Lucy and Vanessa, a friend of mine offered to take video with Gordon’s phone.  I only just now watched the clips and realized why Mumsie and Pops may have been so entertained.  The video of Paul also includes a view of a kid on the front row who was digging in his nose the ENTIRE time!  HA!

Speaking of Paul, I have a recipe that he particularly loved.  The rest of us did, too!  You know those giant chocolate muffins from Costco a certain sister of ours used to bring to family reunions?  Sure, everyone liked the banana nut or blueberry ones too, but those…YES.  This recipe is a lot like those!  Possibly better?  You’ll have to try them yourself!  I’d definitely recommend chocolate chunks.  They’re SO good!  I think I got 18 out of the recipe?  I filled them up pretty full, too.  Vanessa helped make them and we had them ready when the boy got home from school.  They had their chores done in no time at all!  Awesome.  Paul describing the Double Chocolate Chunk Muffins said, “It’s like a celebration in a wrapper!”  Moments later, a chunk fell out of the muffin and he exclaimed, “My muffin just pooped!”

You could use the muffins to bribe your Cub Scouts.  And if they don’t behave, you can eat theirs.  In front of them.  With a big glass of milk.  But not a glass of milk from my house, because when I have the kids help with dishes, my glasses of milk look like this:

If you come visit, I will wash all of the dishes, I promise!



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