I Lied

Dear Millie,

I know I said I was going to send those raspberry rolls to Gordon’s work, but I lied.  Probably.  His department is hosting breakfast this morning and while I’d planned to make those, I ended up making cinnamon rolls instead.  I just couldn’t make those raspberry rolls differently than I had before and hope that they turned out; I’ll have to make them and try them first.  Quality control!

Yesterday was so busy!  All good things, but good gravy, I thought I’d lose my mind sometime in the middle of it.  And I’m not even in the middle of finals!  I was late to everything, including the potluck (unbelievable!  I was late to FOOD!).  I’m not admitting that the children ate leftover potluck cake while waiting for dinner (which wasn’t ready until 9pm).  And dinner’s recipe was filed in someone’s 30-minute meals, so I was kind of counting on it not taking as long as it did.  It was basically a pan of roast veggies and meat.  The children all had their favorite parts.  It was funny that those favorites were all different.  I usually insist on them eating a small portion of the full meal and then having more of what they liked, but it was so late, I was happy to let them trade their meat for Brussels sprouts (!), etc. with each other.  I had to press Gordon for his opinion since he has the most discerning taste buds, and he finally said, “Well, it tastes a little bit like hairspray smells.”  Ha!  I won’t be sharing that recipe.

We’re having an unscheduled snow at the moment.  It’s simply lovely.  I love sitting in my cozy home that smells like baking (even though I sent all the baked goods with Gordon) and just watching the snow fall.  It’s so peaceful.  Also peaceful at the moment are my girls, so I’d better capitalize on that!  Best wishes on the remainder of your week…you’re halfway through!  🙂




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