Baby It’s Cold Outside

Dear Millie,

Okay, fine.  I’m cold.  I sent the boys to the bus stop and it was -4 degrees.  Windchill was -29.  The wind whips over the ground and picks up loose snow and swirls like a dust storm.  My backyard looks like a white Sahara.

I dreamed last night that Gordon took a job in Utah.  UTAH, of all places.  I was devastated because I love it here, and for the whole dream I was begging him to promise we’d visit frequently and maybe have a second home here (and maybe he could just visit me and the kids here on the weekends?).  Then I thought about all the perks of living in Utah (family is so much closer!  That’s about it…just kidding.  There’s Hires too.) and I felt marginally better.  I can’t believe I live here in the crazy cold and that I mostly even like that (maybe because I have a crazy insulated house and can enjoy the picturesque view while in my cozy yoga pants and hoodies).

Last week when I was helping clean that house (not my house!  Psh.  Who would do that?), I was running stuff in and out of the house and it was 20 degrees and I was so glad I was wearing short sleeves.  So weird.

Paul woke me up wanting to know whether they had canceled school.  Nope.  I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Truman woke me up and wanted me to take his temperature.  Normal.  At breakfast, Kyle and Truman were complaining that they hadn’t canceled school and Paul sat there with a wry smile on his face.  I asked what was up and he said, “Well, I know why they didn’t cancel.  Last night, I prayed that they wouldn’t!”  I thought his brothers would pummel him.

How’s the weather in the Great Southwest?



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