Birthdays, Magic Bars, and Good Deeds

Dear Millie,
Happy our maternal grandmother’s birthday!  Wasn’t she just the most delightful person?  She was quite possibly the most saintly person I’ve ever known.  I miss her.  It’s also Pops’s brother’s birthday.  I miss him also.  I knew when he died that he was young, but now that Gordon is close to the age Uncle was when he passed away, I just can’t believe how very young he was.  It’s a beautiful day to remember and celebrate them both!
Yesterday, I was looking for a parking spot at Walmart and I happened to see a friend close to the entrance where there were lots of people coming and going.  A car in front of me was stopped for pedestrians, so I got to see my friend drop some change in the Salvation Army bucket and then stoop to pick up an apple someone had dropped.  She was smiling and laughing with the people she was interacting with for just that quick moment.  She wouldn’t have known anyone had seen that, but it warmed my heart.  I love that there are such wonderful people in the world and that such small acts put smiles on so many faces!
At cub scouts last week, the boys were instructed to make cards for their parents/grandparents/caregivers.  My friend laughed when her son handed her the card he’d made.  It said, “Dear Mom, I hope you have a very happy Christmas.  Of course you will.  You’re with me!”  HA!
I need a favor!  About a month ago, my favorite biddy stopped by.  She was delivering several things, and among them were treats for some other friends.  She let me try one and it was amazing!  I asked for the recipe and she shrugged and said they were just run of the mill Magic Bars.  I had never heard of them, and she said, “You know, 7 Layer Bars?”  Blank.  It was so, so good and I found several recipes online.  I made a batch while Gordon was in Texas, but they turned out like this:
It doesn’t look very appetizing, but most of the layers were great and only sometimes did I end up with a wad of tinfoil in a delectable bite.  Really, it was a mess and I ended up throwing the rest of that pan away (!!).  I made another recipe for it last night and this time was sure to include actual butterscotch chips instead of subbing out for white chips, and I used pecans instead of peanuts (the children prefer peanuts and since Gordon wasn’t there to help me eat them all, well.).  They were just okay also.  I had to cut the edges and corners off, which was also terribly wasteful.
Magic indeed!  These bars are causing the disappearance of lots of money and my sanity!  Have you ever had one or even heard of them?  Do you happen to have a recipe for them?  Would you maybe like to try some out and tell me which ones turn out?
I asked my favorite biddy for the recipe and she just laughed and won’t give it to me!  She just said you put your graham cracker crumbs down (mixed with butter, I assume, as all the recipes seem to agree), pour a can of sweetened condensed milk over that, add chocolate chips and butterscotch chips, nuts, and coconut, and there you go.  She wouldn’t tell me amounts of anything, but most of the recipes are in general agreement on those as well.  Obviously, that isn’t all you do…there is some baking that happens, and that seems to be where things fall apart for me.

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