Cookie Day

Dear Grace,

My first week of Christmas Break has been wonderful. Today a school friend and I got together to for a cookie baking day, and besides the nuisance of hauling my KitchenAid in and out of my car, it was a great day. No disasters whatsoever. It was even a rainy day so it was perfect for cookies.

I made these peanut butter cookies, which are absolutely perfect every time and stay soft for days. I expect to be baking much more in the next couple of days for treats for friends and neighbors, and Abe and I are in charge of the whole Christmas dinner for his family so I will be in my kitchen for the next three days at least.

With regards to the #LightTheWorld prompt for today, I am grateful for you. I have a lot to be grateful for in my life, but I have an exceptionally wonderful family. I feel so lucky to have a big sister like you who is my best example and my best friend. And I am so lucky you wanted to write a blog with me. I love you, Gracie!


Merry Christmas Week,


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