Fall Fest Failures and Linky-loos

Dear Millie,

Happy Halloween!  I feel like we haven’t talked in ages!  I miss you terribly, but it also means I don’t have any new recipe recommendations from you and that’s pretty much a tragedy right there.

Also tragic is our ward’s failure to have a proper fall festival/harvest social/what-have-you.  When we first moved here, that was a highlight for us!  Our last ward didn’t do one (although we did have tailgate parties before high school football games and since the church was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the high school, we’d all walk over for the game.  That was pretty awesome!  One of those times included Claude telling me he could’ve been a pro athlete), and the one here reminded me of all the fun times we had at Hometown’s annual harvest social.

Part of the problem may be that the Elders Quorum put it on the last time and had a potato peeling contest.  Gordon forbid me from competing (and he was in the presidency!) even though we all know I would’ve won.  He correctly predicted potato peeler-induced injuries.  They weren’t tooooo bad…nothing life-threatening or anything.  And anyway, that just means people were having a good time!

The other awesome thing about the last fall festival was the dunk tank.  Paul was just a little 6yo at the time, but he was the first to nail the target and drop the Elders Quorum President in the tank!  I guess we couldn’t secure the tank again this year, and my suggestion to use the baptismal font as a dunk tank and just not tell unsuspecting unbaptized festivalers what it was wasn’t well-received.

I saw a couple of things on the interwebs recently-ish and I was so excited about them, I just have to share!  I know you’re probably scared of what I found (my last YouTube search resulted in a rabbit hole of terrible videos and culminated with a video of Japanese synchronized walking.  Truly fascinating!), but I think you’ll actually like these (and no YouTubing was involved, so there’s that).  Behold!

15 Cute Skirts from Amazon

This is a link to a blog post (from Lil’ Luna.  One of my favorites!) with the 15 cute skirts the writer found.  I love the ones with pockets!  Every outfit should have pockets.  Sweats and stirrup pants included.  I’d spring for the striped skirt, but I’m worried about my current plus-sizeness making it look like a circus tent.  Polka dots are okay, right?  Whatever, there are pockets!



Adjustable Stainless Slicer Layer Cake Slicer Kit

I’m not good at baking cakes to begin with, but I know you are, and I know perfection is your thing (certainly not mine!  HAAAAAAA.  Where did we get our perfectionist ways anyway?).  After seeing this, I feel like I can make beautiful layer cakes.  Because, you know, I just need help cutting perfect layers.  I’m completely capable of baking the actual cake (nope)!

I was hanging around another favorite food blog (Favorite Family Recipes) when I first saw the cake slicer thing.  Now I want to eat the cake they posted with the link:


There may be a reason I don’t fit in my cute skirts anymore.



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