Hate Crimes

Dear Millie,

Of course you bought the best candy!  Will no one else think of the children?

Your mailbox stalker is most perplexing.  Have you even met your mailman?  How would he know of your love for Billy Bard?  Are you certain it wasn’t Abe?  That’d be a sweet thing for him to do.  But if it’s not him, I’m not sure if I’d be delighted, befuddled, amused, or genuinely freaked out.  At any rate, perhaps you can save the book for your children who (dare I even suggest) may be born without the ability to read?  Never mind, never mind, I take it back!  Of course YOUR children will be born reading (and quoting!) Shakespeare.  Maybe donate the book to a poor soul whose child isn’t born sonneting?

My fantastically mulleted Lucy reminds me of Boo on Monsters, Inc.  She can talk a bit and she gallops and hops and jumps around laughing and giggling, and her bobbing, curled mullet just delights to no end.  Recently, she was in the kitchen playing.  I’m not sure why we needed to keep it quiet, but she was being a crouched little ball while holding a finger to her smiling lips and whispering, “Shhhhh, shhhhh,” (her little “shhh” sounds more like a little happy hiss).  Then she’d explode into an open-armed X-shape while yelling, “YAY!!!”  She’d quickly crouch back down and do it over and over and I couldn’t even ask her to stop.

Lucy loves to race.  She ropes her siblings and Gordon (and random visitors) into racing with her all the time.  They start at a door or a wall and run across the room or around the staircase and back to the starting point or whatever she chooses.  “Way, seh, doh!”  The best part is that winning doesn’t matter.  All the participants getting to the goal or performing their part is what matters.

Election Night, we had patriotic waffles.  Let’s pretend they looked like these:

Ours were rectangular though.  And cut up for the kids.  Okay fine, they looked more, ahhh, mutilated with vague referential Americana coloring.  We felt very patriotic at any rate, especially Paul who ate all his waffles plain.

One recent afternoon, the boys were talking about how peaceful our country is and how we don’t have to worry about crime or war here in the US.  I hated to burst their bubble, but I told them that just because we don’t see it, the problems are still there…even in our wonderful community.  At some point, I said something about ‘gangs with violence’ and 1st-grader Truman was completely baffled.  I tried to explain in other terms and he started asking weird questions about double basses and violas.  It turned out he thought I’d said, “Gangs with violins.”  HA!  Imagine people showing up and angrily playing Mahler at you!  Incessant playing of Pachelbel’s Canon in D would be considered a hate crime!

This is completely off topic (I hear you saying, “What was the topic?”), but thank you so much for categorizing our letters!  I couldn’t come up with tags to begin with.

Me trying to tag things: “Uhhhh…’blog’.  ‘Blog…POST?'”

By the way, I was tickled to see that people had found our letters and was surprised when someone commented (though I guess not really, because we did leave this open to the public and also left the comments open).  Then I saw that most of our views were from Russia, and the comments were spam.  We’ve gotten some in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and English.  We’ve attracted spam bots worldwide!  Nonetheless, somebotty (*chortle*) has certainly found our letters to be helpful: “This piece was a lifejacket that saved me from drowning.”

I don’t think I’ve ever shared one of our favorite dinner recipes with you.  So, SO easy and it’s scrumptious!  It’s Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy at The Magical Slow Cooker.  I first saw it at Real Mom Kitchen, who had adjusted the amount of water and has pepper to taste instead of measured out.  Either way, you need this on your menu this very week!  Perfect for Sundays and/or busy nights.  We had it for dinner last night and after I went out to do a visit, I came back home and had seconds (and you know I’m not fond of leftovers!).  We usually have it over mashed potatoes the first night and if there are leftovers (not very often), we have it over rice with cheese and pineapple and/or whatever else we have lying around (green onions, olives, etc.).  I’ve also added a can of green chiles to the leftovers and we had that over rice with cheese.  And possibly sour cream.  I think that’d work for burritos–the chile in the leftovers, I mean–if you use the lesser water amount and do 2lbs. of chicken instead of 1lb.  Or just have it over mashed potatoes again because we’ve also done that and loved it a second night in a row.  Anyway!  There’s your lifejacket for the day.  🙂

Lots o’ love,


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