High Fashion

Dear Millie,

Of the two of us, I would say you have fashion sense and I missed that line when they were passing out genes (or jeans??  HA!).  In the past week, I’ve been reminded of two things: one, that I should probably do a better job with upkeep/maintenance, and two, that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  A list!  Because I love them:

  • Lucy was up early yesterday and I could hear her frustration over something.  I went downstairs and found her wandering around trying to pull up a shirt belonging to Vanessa that she’d put on.  This wouldn’t be much of a problem, except that she’d put it on her legs.  One leg was through an arm hole and the other through the neck hole and the dang thing wouldn’t stay up around her waist.  I pointed out that it was not a pair of pants but a shirt, but she was having none of it.  It was a good half hour before she’d take it off, and even then, she was mad about it and wouldn’t wear it like a shirt.
  • I was buckling Vanessa into her carseat to go to the store when I noticed that she was wearing the bottom part of her swimsuit…over her jeans.
  • I was walking down the hall at church and Gordon and a friend were walking and talking behind me.  The friend told me that he didn’t know what I’d done to my hair or if it was just natural, but he really liked the coloring.  I’ll tell you exactly what I’d done.  I had it cut and colored for your wedding almost exactly a year ago.  I’ve not done anything with it since.

I think you need to live closer or have major life events more often.



Light the World!

A video and details here.  Advent activity calendar here.                                     December 3- Jesus Helped Others to See and So Can You.

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