In Which I Find I’m Magnetizing

Dearest Millie,

I wasn’t planning to share any more from my Overeaters Anonymous experiences because there isn’t much riveting news from such meetings.  And not that the following is actually riveting, but I just had to share.  Last time, I promise!  Probably!

I was a day or two removed from the first OA meeting when I got a text from the taco lover asking if I’d share a recipe I have for chocolate chip cookies.  It was an emergency of sorts.  Since it’s one of the few things I make well, it’s not a recipe I tend to give out (my friends wouldn’t need me anymore if they had the recipe to make them for themselves!) (I think I have a problem).  Anyway, I told her I’d consider it (it’s the thought that counts, after all!).  She texted me that she was going to just have to use this recipe.  Well, I had to see how they measured up to mine!

We have our own new group: Enablers Anonymous.

But hey, the recipe she sent me was great (she was glad to hear it, because she hadn’t tried it when I texted her about it a couple of days later.  !!!  I don’t know what happened with her emergency).  Gordon prefers them to my small-batch cookies because they doesn’t taste so much like brown sugar, he says.  Anyway, if you need cookies for two (I know my recipe hasn’t worked out for you in the past), here ya go!

Last night was my second OA meeting.  It went well, as far as sitting in a group of strangers and admitting that you (I) have issues.  I was glad that I had gone and even felt comfortable enough to give everyone a hug, as is tradition after such meetings.  Unfortunately, my attempt to be friendly and encouraging resulted in a faux pas.  As I was going to hug one of the members, I turned my face to tell her something, but she was holding on more tightly and longer than I’d expected, and so I found myself kiss-talking on her cheek.  I couldn’t pull my head back far enough to not still be rubbing my nose on her (blast my big nose!), she still didn’t let go, and I couldn’t stop talking.  I thought she’d back up (NOPE) and I was mortified that I probably had her makeup on my teeth.  I quickly buried my face in her shoulder and gave her a few brisk back pats until she let go.  I couldn’t even look at the rest of the group as I hurried out to my car with my compadres.

And that’s why you’ll probably never hear anything more about OA meetings from me.

Gracefully yours,



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