Ladle Love

Dear Millie,

Last night, Gordon had to stay home from Cub Scout Pack Meeting because he had loads of homework.  Naturally, I left Lucy home with him.  Nothing helps a project along like a toddler!  Ha!  The plan was for me to take the older children and come right home before his class started.  We got home just as he settled in for class, and while there was a Lucy-friendly movie playing upstairs, she was downstairs on the couch with a cup of water, drinking it out of a play-size pasta ladle.  Obviously, most of it wasn’t making it into her mouth.  I sent her into the kitchen sans cup so I could clean up.  What I didn’t know was that some hungry soul had poured themselves a cup of milk and left it on the table to go get some leftover pizza.  By the time I turned around, Lucy was hurriedly ladling the milk all over the table and herself.  I’m sure my, “Nooooo!” startled her, and the cup dumped over.  Sometimes it’s so nice to have a dog.  And a good case on the iPad.




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