Lucy Gets Thirsty

Dear Millie,

Lucy gets thirsty.  Often.  Because she can work the water dispenser on the fridge, she usually takes care of her thirst independently.  The problem is that she’s also quite mischievous.  She often sneaks the boys’ water bottles (and even her own sippy cups) upstairs and plays human water fountain with the liquid contents…all over the carpet.  There really isn’t a place that is out of reach for her because she’s also a skilled problem-solver and can/will scale anything to get to where she wants to be in order to retrieve the object of her current fixation.  We ended up apologizing to the boys and ditching water bottles entirely.  This encouraged Lucy to ask for help with drinks more often, which has been nice.  Unfortunately, it has not been enough for her.  Two recent examples:

The boys were doing dishes.  One does cups, another bowls, another silverware.  This particular day, one had finished his part and had run off to summon the next washer of dishes.  Lucy found it the opportune time to play in the dishwater.  We thought.  She’d perched herself on top of a 5-gallon bucket she had pushed over to the sink and plunged her hands in the murky water.  I was standing with my back to her, talking with Gordon who had just come home.  I heard happy splashing and turned around to pull her away before the kitchen was soaked.  What I found was that she was smacking the nasty scrub brush in the water and sucking the dirty dishwater off.

Another time, we had all finished dinner and the children had scampered off to play for a bit before bedtime.  Lucy stuck around and was playing in the corner with the play kitchen.  Again, my back was to her, and I could hear her banging on her pots and pans as she put them in her little oven and sink.  Eventually, I also heard water.  I turned around to see that the noise wasn’t from her play kitchen as much as it was from the dog’s metal water bowl, and that she was happily using her ladle to help herself to a drink.

So hey!  I made Creamy Slow Cooker Garlic Chicken last night.  It was wonderful!  Here’s a picture from her site (with permission) (you wouldn’t want to eat it based on my photography skills):

I completely forgot the parsley.  Oops!  Gordon would’ve given it all the stars if I’d served it over mashed potatoes instead of pasta, but it was still a winner.  I used ginormous chicken breasts from Sam’s Club, so I do have leftovers, which I’m going to go eat right now.  Mmmmm.

Love you,



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