Merry Fail

Dear Millie,

I just read Mumsie’s email about the passing of her dear friend.  It seems Heaven is filling up with the best people!  I am so sad for Mumsie to be losing so many sweet friends.  Selfishly, I’m so sad that Mumsie’s sweet friends won’t be there to light up and excitedly hug me whenever I’m in Hometown.  I love them too!


I told Mumsie and Pops we should go to Hawaii next year to celebrate our anniversaries.  She said, “Oh, fun!  You guys should all go and I’ll watch the kids!”  Ha ha!  Always sacrificing.  We may have to figure out how to take all the kids so that she’ll come.

I dragged the family to another holiday concert last night at a different high school.  I just love things like that (even the cringeworthy fermatas and muddled passages), though I think I may be ruining chances of watching my children perform in the future!  When we had piled into the car afterward, I said, “Wasn’t that wonderful?”  The back seat responded without hesitation, “NO!”  “It was so looooong!”  “I hope I never have to be in a concert.”  And Vanessa responded, “NO.  It was the worst.  I HATED it.  And I was trying to tell you all along.  That’s why I kept getting up.  Mom, it was awful.”  Gordon and I looked at each other and laughed and blasted the radio versions of what was played at the concert.  The concert was a bust (Gordon won that bet), but the drive home with blaring music and meandering through Christmasy neighborhoods was just right.  Mostly because the girls fell asleep, but I’ll take it.

May your days be merry and bright (since your Christmases, unless spent with me, will most likely not be white!)

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