National Peanut Butter Day and Some Big Hair (and Also, a Book!)

Dear Millie,

How’s everything?  Back in the swing of things at school?  How’s Abe’s leg?

Before I get to anything newsy, Vanessa said to tell you she loves you, and the snow is nearly all melted off the trampoline.  Time to schedule a visit!

I don’t have very much newsy stuff, just tidbits.

*I had some neighbor kids over for breakfast because their mom had to be somewhere early this morning.  The mom told me when she asked if I could help out that they were super excited about pancakes, so of course I made pancakes!  The younger one happened to be in the kitchen as I was cracking eggs into the batter.  “Wait a minute.  Are these egg pancakes?  I don’t like egg pancakes.”  I tried convincing him that all pancakes have eggs.  He wouldn’t believe me!  I told him the pancakes he had here last time (and that he requested for dinner tonight) have eggs.  He replied that he didn’t like those after all and just wanted ones with chocolate chips.  Me too.

*The boys were having a rough time falling asleep last night, so in the end, I turned on a relaxation app.  When Kyle was younger, he often requested that app at bedtime.  I was snickering to myself last night remembering that he often set it to the “quit smoking” customization.

*Today is National Peanut Butter Day!  I think I need to make some of your peanut butter cookies!  A food blogger said once you’ve made a recipe six times, it’s yours.  I don’t know how the other food bloggers of the world feel about that.  You shared the recipe with me though, so I say they’re yours!

*Did you see this?  Big hair from the 80’s: 

Here’s a link to a collection of other fun 80’s ‘dos!  I can smell Aqua Net just looking at the pictures!

*Any tips for how to deal with passive aggressive people?  I have the unfortunate responsibility of doing so, and I’m just not sure how to.

*The boys and I finished reading the most delightful book!  It was a little slow getting into it, but the boys had me reading chapter after chapter by the middle (overshooting bedtime cutoff several times and nearly missing the bus a couple of times the next mornings–we all wanted to keep reading!) and then we read probably the last six chapters in one sitting.  Horus and the Curse of Everlasting Regret.

If Kyle hadn’t already gotten it on New Years Day, I’d tell you that the best auntie would buy it for her favorite nieces and nephews.  You’ll have to get it for yourself (and also maybe for your runner-up favorite nieces and nephews).

*Since we’ve finished that book, we’re on to Book 4 of A Series of Unfortunate Events.  We’ve watched the new Netflix episodes each of the last two Friday nights.  Fun!  Neil Patrick Harris is a good Count Olaf and the boys can’t get enough of Sunny’s comments.

*We should have a page where I list all the books the kids and I (or Gordon) have read together and you can make suggestions for what to read next.  I don’t think you’ve ever led me astray!

*I made sweet and sour chicken Sunday afternoon.  I do love that recipe!  The kids do too.  It takes a bit of time (longer than 30 minutes), but it’s really easy and is so good!  The first time I made it, the strong vinegar smell while it was baking had me worried.  Don’t fret!  It bakes off and the result is fantastic.

I’d best be off!  I hope you have a marvelous, peanut-buttery day!

With love,



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