Out of the Mouths of Babes

Dear Millie,

A few things:

Saturday evening was our Ward Christmas party.  They showed the video for the Light the World campaign and Bishop talked about the little things that make a big difference.  They had hors d’oeuvres and everyone brought cookies to share.  The activity portion was a family dance!  I’ve missed Hometown’s family dances and was delighted they decided to do this one!  I never did get to dance with Gordon, but they had a daddy-daughter dance and he held both girls for it.  So sweet.  My boys went nuts for “Happy” and they learned “YMCA” and a couple of line dances.  I wanted someone to swing dance with me but the boys were busy eating treats.  Truman said, “I will!  After I drink my punch though,” and I figured he’d take his time.  He downed the cupful and hopped right up!  I think we may have to YouTube some help.  It’s been too long, but it was a great time!

During the dance, they were teaching us the Shim Sham.  I was holding Lucy and trying to get Paul and Kyle to do it with me.  I didn’t catch on very quickly and probably looked silly out there.  When I sat back down, I mentioned that to Gordon, and Vanessa, surprised, put down her punch and said, “Mom, you looked like a shooting star!”

Paul was sitting next to me in church yesterday and we were singing Christmas hymns.  I was startled to hear his voice so loud and clear–a beautiful soprano voice!  I had never heard him really sing, and usually he follows my alto lead.  He sang the melody and I was nearly brought to tears.  Who knew?

Last night, the older kids were all tucked in bed and Gordon and I were up with Lucy, tying up loose ends before bed.  I think Wall-E was playing on the tv, and at one point, someone whistled.  Gordon and I both assumed the other of us had done it, until we put it together.  It was Lucy!  I thought she had a few weeks ago but dismissed it as a fluke.  Lucy whistles!

Hope you have a great week!  I checked your district calendar and realized that this week is finals.  That makes more sense, but sheesh!  I hope it goes well!  Hang in there.




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