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Dear Millie,

I’m so happy to hear from you!  Jake is the best.  I can’t believe he finally “can’t”!  I also can’t believe Chloe is three!  She was nearly two when she last visited us here and was singing, “Let it go,” over and over to herself.  So cute.

I wish you were here baking me cookies as well!  Things are going better.  I keep thinking I’m hearing clickety-clacks on the tile from our dog’s toenails or that I need to step over her in the middle of the night or let her out or feed her, etc., etc.  I thought she’d pretty much lost her appetite there by the end, but as it turns out, she was probably eating plenty–I’ve discovered that we are incredibly messy eaters!  I’m having to sweep up a lot of food that I think she would’ve taken care of.  I also realized I will probably have to buy a fly swatter soonish.  I haven’t owned one in years!

I was talking with a mom friend of mine last night and we were laughing about the things our kids do that give us gray hair and I realized I hadn’t told you about one of Lucy’s doings.

It was in December when things get kind of crazy just before Christmas.  I can’t remember where Gordon was…board meeting?  Class?  Anyway, I had all the children with me and we had to go to the church.  We quickly finished whatever we had to get done and headed out the door.  Someone in the gym spotted me and asked me to come in to check something.  They were putting together the big baskets of food for different families in our ward and weren’t sure about the number of extra family members living/staying with some of the families and wanted to make sure they were putting enough food in the baskets.  Anyway, I asked the boys to keep an eye on the girls while I double checked numbers with the coordinators.

My kids love the church library.  Paul loves creating crafty things with all the paper, tape, and staples and the girls love getting into all the dry erase markers and such.  I was worried about leaving the kids alone while I helped out, but since it would take me just a minute or two, I figured they’d be okay.  When I was finished, I noticed that someone had closed the library doors.  Locked them, actually.  Good thinking, I thought.  I was able to round up my children pretty quickly except for one.


I had just seen her in the gym and watched her walk out into the hallway as I finished up the last basket.  Where could she have gone so quickly?  We spread out and were bobbing in and out of rooms throughout the church.  It’s not even a full-size building, so I was starting to feel frantic when I’d been in every room and even peeked outside with no sign of her.  I started asking people in the foyer if they’d seen her and no one had.  Bishop came out of his office and saw people moving quickly and joined the search.  She’s big enough now that she can push open the doors to go outside.  It was dark and snowy and it’d be hard to see a tiny girl in the parking lot.  Having been through every room, there was nowhere else I could think of that she’d be.

Just as I headed outside, I heard Bishop laughing.  I turned to see what was happening and he motioned for me to come back.  He’d found Lucy.  She had locked herself in the library (two doors!) and was happily coloring the walls with permanent markers.

I keep thinking that my boys never did such terrible things to my walls, but I recently found a picture I’d taken of five-year-old Kyle’s doing.  I admit it was hard to make him clean it off when I found it on the back of the bathroom door.  It still makes me smile:

It even has a check mark indicating that it “looks good!”

Love you,


Edited to add:

P.S.  I forgot to tell you!  I finally made the dessert I’d planned to make for Valentine’s Day.  It was delicious and Lucy and Truman especially couldn’t get enough of it.  Double Chocolate Mousse Torte from  You want some:

Photo from (used with permission)


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