About The Sisters

Our Mumsie taught us that “can’t” is the ultimate four-letter word and certainly will not approve of our blog title. This blog documents our days of imperfection and our domestic inadequacies, but it implies that we are not capable. Let’s be clear: we are capable! We are strong, fun, and intelligent; we just happen to be severely lacking in the crafty talent department. Our talents lie deeply embedded in other areas and we are comfortable with who we are and our assorted abilities. We aren’t Pinterest moms. We aren’t marathon runners. We aren’t crafters, bakers, seamstresses, or singers. We love to laugh and poke fun at our attempts to venture outside our comfortable talent areas, and hope others appreciate our lighthearted take for what it is. And that is this (and this is that): even in our failures lie our beautiful, happy lives.



Grace lives in the Midwest with her husband, Gordon, and their five wildly witty children. They are a picture-perfect family except when they’re not (and they’re usually not). Needless to say, she has a lot on her plate (usually including freshly baked cookies).


Millie is the younger sister and is a newlywed living in the Southwest with her handsome hunter husband, Abe. She is discovering the ups and downs of wifehood and endeavoring to get dinner on the table before 10:00 P.M. while working as a high school English teacher and dance coach. Perfectionism is demanded, yet very rarely achieved.