Thank Goodness It’s FRIDAY!

Dear Millie,
How is the semester wrapping up for you?  Mumsie and Pops said they got to stay with you recently.  I wish they could stay with me!  I was talking to a friend yesterday who recently got a job at the airport.  She said it’s going okay.  She works six hours.  Per WEEK.  I should work there!  Free flights!  It wouldn’t help you much except that you could then ferry me to and from Metrocity’s airport.  😉
I am off to help someone get their home ready for a CPS inspection.  This woman is one of the most caring I’ve ever known.  She can’t be burned by anyone (even when it seems like they are really, really trying.  Like, going out of their way to be awful people), and will take anyone and everyone in.  I should be more like her.  Instead, yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that a friend had invited me and the two girls to come over for a playdate with their darling friend (the nerve!).  I am so special when it comes to social situations.  The girls had a blast and I managed to not say anything offensive or weird (I hope!).  I sometimes remind myself of someone who lives in their parents’ basement. Probably a good thing Mumsie and Pops don’t have one.
Happy weekend!

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