The Best Part of Paul

Dear Millie,

What’s new?  It’s been a crazy few days here.  By the way, did you get an Instant Pot?  If not, I’m recommending you do!  I decided to invite a few people over so that we would have to clean up (see previous post about neglecting things).  As predicted, it was stressful and not fun for the preparing part, but it was great when it all came together!  Partly because I made a pot roast in the Instant Pot (an hour and a half!  HA!) and also your amazing rolls that make me look like a rockstar.

I made some good cookies as well, but I’ve been meaning to share the recipe for these other ones: Almond Joy Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I halved the recipe because it’s dangerous to have good cookies around.  I had about half dark and half semisweet chips and they turned out great.  Love!  Almond Joys always remind me of Pops.  I’ll have to make these for him the next time I see him.

Don’t forget that it’s Groundhog Day tomorrow!  I’m going to make biscuits and sausage (ground hog, right?) gravy for breakfast before sunrise.  I don’t know if I appreciate that tradition nearly as much now that I’M the mom and have to get up early to make the food, but it’s still fun.  Hoping for an early spring!

I was going through the boys’ backpacks recently and look at this gem from Paul:

Ha ha!  I love it.  “Inmagine.”  So great.

I’d better get to bed early tonight.  It’s an early morning tomorrow!




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