The Sisters Who Can’t (and Probably Shan’t)

Dear Millie,

It started just before you moved in with us the summer before you started college. I had come across a recipe for some cookies and I couldn’t wait to share them with you.  Gordon and I had been binge watching SNL and we happened upon an old sketch with Will Ferrell and Alec Baldwin. I don’t remember much about it except that Alec Baldwin’s character had a goofy laugh and kept jiggling his glasses and Will Ferrell’s character was a stiff host. That, and the word he created that we ended up using to describe the magnanimous cookies: scrumtrulescent.

You and I had talked about starting a blog a long time ago. We wanted a way to keep in touch (our family is notorious for not!), share recipes we discover (at one time, we thought maybe we’d have a cooking blog, but realized that while we love to cook {and eat!}, we don’t like to create recipes; we just like to try everyone else’s!), and share other fun stuff. I remember we watched Housesitter the night you finally got to try the cookies! We laughed so hard and I still laugh out loud when I think of the “Tura Lura Lura” scene. Ha! We talked about blogging together then. It’s been years! You’ve graduated college, gotten your master’s, landed your first teaching job, married a fantastic hunter/man, and moved far, far away. Or maybe I moved far, far away. Either way, there is a massive distance between us and I miss you! After months of mishaps and sure testimony to the accuracy of the title of our blog, here it is! The time has come (the walrus said), and here, here it is. I’m so excited to swap stories/recipes/etc. with you!

I don’t think Mumsie will approve of our blog title. It implies that we are not capable. Let’s be clear: we are capable! We are strong, fun, and intelligent. But we are severely lacking in the crafty talent department. It is no joke that my loving husband calls my crafting attempts (and subsequent failures) “craps”. Our talents lie deeply embedded in other areas (my ability to overuse parentheticals is one such talent!) and we are comfortable with who we are and our assorted abilities. We aren’t Pinterest moms (that may be, I suppose, due in part that you are not yet a mom). We aren’t marathon runners. We aren’t crafters, bakers, seamstresses, or singers. We love to laugh and poke fun at our attempts to venture outside our comfortable talent areas, and I hope others appreciate our lighthearted take for what it is. And that is this (and this is that): even in our failures lie our beautiful, happy lives. At least, mine is!

So, how are things in the Great Southwest? The leaves in the Midwest are turning and it seems autumn will be a weird one. Lots of the trees look half dead—bare branches along with full ones changing color. My favorite old biddy tells me that the wooly worms are darker than normal and so are the deer. She says we’re in for a rough winter. And because she’s pretty wisdomous, I believe her!

But fall! Ahhh, fall. It smells like Halloween and I’m told by my [wisdomous] source that the freeze expected this weekend means the leaves will peak soon! I can’t believe I get to live here! I wish you were here. I wish we were watching Housesitter and eating scrumtrulescent cookies.

Catch me up with what’s new with you!



PS Here’s a link to the recipe for Scrumtrulescent Cookies (calling them Magic in the Middle Cookies will simply not do!).

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