Wherein I Recount Our Thanksgiving Doings

Dear Millie,

I’m so glad your Thanksgiving went well!  Did you wear Thanksgiving pants or dress up Cara style?  Jake, Cara, and Chloe are The Family Who Can!  If they weren’t so fun and just great to be around (at ALL times!), I’d resent them.  Alas, I cannot.  They’re utterly un-unlikeable.

Our Thanksgiving was great!  It was just Gordon and I and the children.  It had snowed the day before, so we had a white Thanksgiving!  The kids were home from school Wednesday and all the neighborhood kids ran from house to house having snowball fights, building snowmen, and sledding.


Thanksgiving Day was pretty awesome.  First, we woke up hearing Lucy coming upstairs.  I’d left the pumpkin pies on the counter and as soon as we heard her, I knew.  I jumped out of bed and was greeted by her smiling, pumpkin-smeared face.  She climbed on our bed before I could even catch her.  I washed her up and followed the pumpkin handprints down the stairwell, leaving the orange-colored food bits all over the bed for Gordon.  Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed?


I swear there was more pumpkin all over our house than the bit that was missing from the pies.  It was like the loaves and fishes.  Miraculous.

Vanessa came running in wanting help fixing her hair.

img_1329Paul’s attempt at dreadlocks ended with just the one, since they couldn’t get the self-driving truck out.  Too bad!

Did you know you can’t buy candy corns after Halloween?  Well, maybe a day or two after Halloween, but certainly not around Thanksgiving?  It’s true.  I checked Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, two gas stations, and three different grocery stores.  We’d made Oreo/candy turkeys last year and they were cute, but took forever and way too much help from me.  I wanted to have something the children could do with minimal assistance from me since I’d be busy in the kitchen.  They turned out great!  Like this:


Only, without the candy corns.  Legs and eyes?  Bam!  Turkey.  Ha ha!

I really tried to ruin your rolls.  Twice!  I failed.  I had already gotten the yeast proofed and had started adding ingredients when my favorite old biddy dropped by.  She brought a load of goodies and we talked and talked.  Always a good time!  I forgot about the rolls.  When I did remember, I finished up the dough and put it in the fridge.  On Thanksgiving Day, I pinched off half and prepared them as directed, but they didn’t rise!  I imagine the yeast had done all it was going to do while I was gabbing with my friend.  Boo.  They did rise a bit in the oven and tasted great!  Ruination attempt fail number one.

A couple of days later, I decided to make up the rest of the dough.  When I pulled the bowl out of the fridge, I realized someone (I??) had unsealed the plastic wrap and there was now a crust over the top of the dough.  I should’ve scraped it off, but I thought maybe if I worked it into the dough…?  Trying to knead it though was like squeezing shards of shrapnel.  I did what I could to pick out the biggest pieces and hoped somehow no one would notice there were hard crusties sprinkled throughout.  And they didn’t!  They baked up wonderfully and were happily ingested (and I assume, by now, digested).  This was probably a good time to not be sharing Thanksgiving with anyone else.

Oh!  But someone else DID show up!  We have some friends we met through church who are just dear, dear people.  They came to our area as political refugees.  I was talking with them at church the Sunday before Thanksgiving and asked whether they had plans for Thanksgiving.  They said that they probably wouldn’t celebrate with a traditional dinner.  He laughed as he recounted how someone had left a turkey on their doorstep a few years ago and they didn’t know how to prepare it.  I’m guessing their English was probably not good enough at the time to read what directions might have been on it.  They kept it in the freezer for a good long time and finally just fried it like a chicken!  I said that a turkey isn’t a must, and that I’d be happy eating tamales my neighbor in the Southwest used to bring by.  Mmmmm, tamales.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving.  I got a call from our friends who said, in broken English, that they were outside and were wondering if they were at the right house. They were, and I flipped on the outside lights and opened the door.  That sweet couple had brought us a big bag of fresh egg rolls!  She is an unbelievable cook (they used to own a restaurant) and I’d heard that hers are the best egg rolls around.  They are!  SO GOOD.  We were just cleaning up from our feast and I tried to get them to take turkey (already cooked!  They wouldn’t have to prepare it!) but they wouldn’t take it.  What is the best way to thank someone for something like that?  I’d like to not do a card–I’ll have to tell you about my unfortunate attempt at translating a card I’d written them previously.  I am definitely not the linguist I’d like to think I am!  Or maybe I should just stick with writing one in English.  Ha!

It’s getting late and the girls are still up making messes.  I’d best be on my way!



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